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Tampa Bay Fishing - Types of Fish
FLORIDA FISH - Different Types of Fish can be found here in Florida.
SNOOK are fun fighting fish and one of the more aerial display fish you will catch. This is also one of the more popular fish to catch in the Florida Area. tampabayfish@gmail.com *
Florida Snook
SNOOK Fishing: Tampa Snook Fishing can be great almost year round but to effectively fish for Snook you need to know the right techniques to catch these wonderful fighting fish..
Time: Snook are one of the few species of Saltwater fish that can live in water with very low salinity or no salinity at all. Yes it's true Snook can adapt to a freshwater environment but the water still needs to be warm in order to breed and maintain their health. Here in the Tampa Area Cold water Snook are found in winter shelter areas like canals and river cuts where they can find locations that afford a lot of moving water this aides in their ability to catch food in the winter without moving much they lay in the current and wait for their dinner to wash by then move only little ways to snatch it up.
Baits: For live bait nothing entices a Snook like a Greenback. These little white baits are abundant in the summer time but in the winter they become hard to find if you can find them at all. During these months a large Shrimp will work or you will have to switch to artificials. 20-30lb test line should be tough enough to fight in a good sized Snook using a Monofilament leader will work best. *Florida Record: 44 lbs, 3 oz.
Lures/Jigs: There are plenty of Artificial lures to use for Snook. Some of the most effective are the Bomber-A Lures very large about 8" long, The 52m Mirr-O-Lure, Zara Spook's, Any top water lure that pops or rattles is a good bet.
Description: black lateral line; high, divided dorsal fin; sloping forehead; large mouth, protruding lower jaw; pelvic fin yellow. Light Gray or silvery in color and the distinctive Lateral Line is the main marking characteristic. Average Size: 5-8 lbs.
Location: Winter: near Canals and River Mouths with flowing water. (Outgoing Tide) Spring/Summer: Beaches and the areas near beaches in the surf looking for bait.
Snook Picture in Kayak Big Snook Picture in Kayak Two Snook Caught In Double Branch Snook at mouth of Double Branch
* The Florida records quoted are from the Department of Environmental Protection's printed publication, Fishing Lines and are not necessarily the most current ones. The records are provided as only as a benchmark.

* If you have any additional tips or tricks you would like to provide please email me and I will add them and cite you as the source. Thanks. Tampabayfish@gmail.com
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