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Tampa Bay Fishing - REDFISH
REDFISH Are a strong fighting fish they dig in and pull towards the bottom, not a lot of head shake but some good straight runs. This is also one of the more popular fish to catch in the Florida Area. tampabayfish@gmail.com *
REDFISH Fishing: Tampa Redfish Fishing can be great almost year round due to the water temp in this area, these fish are not as affected by cold water and therefore even in the winter the fish are active and feeding on the shallower grass flats.
Time: The spring is the best time to fish and find schools of fish actively feeding, these fish tailing on the flats. During the winter they are not as aggressive and active but they still bite and are found in the same areas. They move up onto the flats when the tide is coming in and during the mid day due to the heat of the water.
Baits: White baits, cut sardines and even shrimp are a good choice for live bait. if you find a location that typically holds a lot of redfish then using cut bait to chum the waters will really help localize the scattered fish. They will feed near schools of mullet and they are found of just about any kind of creature they find to eat. Crustaceans are a mainstay of them on the flats. 15-20lb test line should be tough enough to fight in a keeper sized Redfish using a Monofilament leader will work best and set your drag correctly to fight the fish and keep your line from snapping. *Florida Record: 51 lbs, 8 oz.
Lures/Jigs: Gold Spoons, Soft Jigs, Penny colored GULP SHRIMP and small swimming baits work great for redfish.
Description: Rusty brown colored skin with a white bottom color.  Their skin is rather thick and they are a shiny pretty colored fish when taken directly out of the water. Usually near their tail is a black spot which resembles an eye. almost all adult fish have at least one spot and can have many more along it's back.  Average Size: 5-8 lbs.
Location: Winter: ON the flats tailing. Tailing is when they are nose down in the grass looking for food and they are in such shallow water that their tail sticks out and they are very visible to fisherman. This also happens in the spring and early summer. Here in the Tampa Area the Flats near Ft. Desoto are always a good bet and some of the flats on the East side of Caladesi Island hold a lot of Redfish.
Redfish Tampa Redfish  
* The Florida records quoted are from the Department of Environmental Protection's printed publication, Fishing Lines and are not necessarily the most current ones. The records are provided as only as a benchmark.

* If you have any additional tips or tricks you would like to provide please email me and I will add them and cite you as the source. Thanks. Tampabayfish@gmail.com
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