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Tampa Bay Fishing - POMPANO
Excellent Table Fish and a very fun but elusive fish to catch. tampabayfish@gmail.com *
Florida Pompano
Pompano Fishing: Tampa Pompano Fishing can be great at times but you have to know the right time and the right techniques. Here are some of the techniques we have used in the past to catch these fish.
Time: Pompano love warmer water so in and around the Tampa Bay Area you need to wait until around the beginning of April to fish for Pompano. The best method of fishing for Pompano is to find some clear clean water and use a variety of baits to determine what they are hitting on.
Baits: For live bait nothing entices a Pompano to bite more then a Fiddler Crab or a Sand Flea both of these baits work great. Pompano can be caught on regular shrimp but you need to make sure you use a #1 sized hook and about 10-15lb test line this increases your chances of hook up because of the smaller mouths and the light line is less visible. 10-15lb test should work well since the Florida State Record for Pompano is *Florida Record: 8 lbs, 1 oz.
Lures/Jigs: Using Artificial will also yield plenty of fish if the right lures are fished correctly. One of the best local Tampa Bay lures is called a Doc's Goofy Jig they are made by a local fisherman and catch fish. The next are small jig lures with little white, yellow, pink or chartreuse feathers or skirts. When using these type lures the best way to fish them is to let the jig fall to the bottom and once you feel it on the bottom give your rod tip a strong jerk straight up you can vary this by giving it 2 to 3 jerks up at a time. This causes the lure or jig to kick sand up off the bottom the Pompano will approach to investigate and then your lure or jig will fall into view. This is when the Pompano will strike. Most hits will come on the falling jig or lure.
Location: Ft. Desoto Pier, Howard Franklin Bridge, Gandy Bridge Description: greenish gray on back, shading to silvery sides; fish in dark waters showing gold on throat, pelvic, and anal fins; deep flattened body with small mouth; 22 to 27 soft dorsal rays; 20 to 23 soft anal rays; origin of anal fin slightly behind origin of second dorsal. Average Size: 3 lbs (In Florida).
Florida Pompano Florida Pompano Florida Pompano
* The Florida records quoted are from the Department of Environmental Protection's printed publication, Fishing Lines and are not necessarily the most current ones. The records are provided as only as a benchmark.

* If you have any additional tips or tricks you would like to provide please email me and I will add them and cite you as the source. Thanks. Tampabayfish@gmail.com
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